Best Stoves, Ranges & Cooktops to Buy in 2017

With this 6.3 cubic foot LG stove, you get the best of both worlds. Up top, there is a smooth, easy-to-clean cooking surface with five burners for quick, even heat. Below, there is a convection oven that can be used in conventional mode as well, that preheats fast and offers seven different rack configurations for ultimate flexibility. Users love the broiler function and the warmer burner, which keeps sauces, gravy, and soups simmering to perfection.

Design buffs will appreciate the pop of cobalt blue in the oven’s interior and that the unit is knobless thanks to the precise push-button controls. It also has musical oven and timer alerts, which means no more annoying buzzer noises – a feature that owners love. An EasyClean setting allows users to clean up messes in the oven by simply wiping it away after 20 minutes, and there are three racks and seven rack positions that can accommodate whatever you’re baking. The one-year warranty extends to five years for the cooktop.