Best Ranges of 2016/2017

The range aisle is crowded with options, from basic freestanding ranges to double-ovens and souped-up slide-ins.

The appliance pros at Consumer Reports test ranges year round, updating the ratings as soon as the results are in. Currently you’ll see over 120 ranges in our range ratings, with prices ranging from $400 to $7,700. Here’s a glimpse at the best we tested.

1. Best Electric Smoothtop Range Kenmore 95052

Electric smoothtops are the most popular type of range, and this Kenmore was excellent overall and the best of the dozens we bought and tested. Available in white, black, and stainless, it has a large oven with a convection option, and a warming drawer below.

There are four burners, including two high power burners that deliver fast heat. Simmering was superb, and so was self-cleaning and baking. When we baked two racks of cookies simultaneously, they were evenly browned and cooked properly—the centers have to be done before we score the range. The same was true for cakes.

For searing burgers and steaks, and browning casseroles quickly, a broiler is just the thing. The Kenmore did a very good job broiling, nicely searing our pan of nine hamburgers.

2. Best Induction Range Kenmore 95073

Scoring 89 out of 100, the Kenmore was excellent overall. This range comes in stainless, has four burners, including two high powered, convection, and a warming drawer. Similar to all of the induction ranges we’ve tested, the Kenmore delivers fast cooktop heat and precise simmering.The ovens in induction ranges vary in size and performance, even though they pretty much rely on the same old technology that’s used in electric smoothtop ranges. The Kenmore’s large oven was very good at baking and broiling, and excellent in our self-cleaning tests. See our range ratings for more options.

3. Best Electric Coil Range Kenmore 94142

A basic range that delivered excellent performance overall, the Kenmore comes in white, bisque, black, and stainless. There are four burners, including two high-powered that quickly brought a large pot of water to a boil. Simmering was superb, and the large oven was very good at baking, with slightly less even browning than ranges that were excellent at baking in our tests. Self-cleaning was excellent, and broiling was just good—expect that it won’t be as fast or as even across a tray, compared to ranges scoring very good or excellent in our broiling tests. Our range ratings include coil ranges from Amana, Frigidaire, GE, Hotpoint, Premier, and Whirlpool.

4. Best Gas Range Samsung NX58F5700WS

Stylish and stainless, the Samsung offers fast cooktop heat and superb baking, unlike most gas ranges we’ve tested. Simmering was excellent, and broiling was very good, again not something we can say about most gas ranges. There are five burners—two are high powered—a large oven with convection, gliding oven racks, and a warming drawer.

5. Best Pro-Style Range GE Monogram ZDP364NDPSS

Boasting the look of a commercial range, the GE has heavy, stainless construction and is 36 inches wide. It’s a dual-fuel range—the burners use gas and the oven is electric. An oven dial, rather than a touchpad, allows you to start the oven. All four of the burners are high powered, but they didn’t deliver heat as fast as some other pro-styles we’ve tested.

This range scored very good overall, thanks, in part, to superb simmering and very good baking. The oven is large and has a convection option. It was very good at self-cleaning, and good at broiling. See our range ratings for more models, including 30-inch wide pro-style ranges.